I am still alive.

So I haven’t been using this blog, but I have been thinking about it. I have decided to try blogging again. I need a place to put my thoughts, so I think I will use this. I am not a fan of facebook and other form of social media. I guess I don’t think people need to know what you are having for dinner or what you are wearing. There might be a special occasion for that, but I just don’t think all that stuff is that important. Don’t people have better things to do with their time?

A lot has happened since my last post. I am living in TN again, and I love it. I miss some of the people from CA, but I don’t miss the heat or the sand. I absolutely love my house and 5 acres. It is so peaceful and quiet. I am teaching geometry again. The school is okay, and the kids are pretty good. I am not enjoying teaching anymore though. I think it is because I am teaching math. I never intended to teach math when I got my teaching credential. I simply picked it up to ensure that I would be able to find a teaching job no matter where I moved. That has worked out for me, but now I can’t get a PE/ Health position. I have had 3 principals tell me they will not give me a health or pe position because they don’t want to have to find a new math teacher. It is hard to fake enthusiasm for 11 years. I am glad I have a job, but I want to still love my job. Maybe writing this will help me process my thoughts and feelings, so that I can figure out what to do next in my career.


standing up for my principal

standing up for my principal

This is an article the local newspaper wrote about the dismissal of a few principals in our district. I am quoted on the 2nd page. The board got rid of her without reason. She has been used as an example of excellence since I have been here, and out of no where they fired her. I was one of 6 people who got the opportunity to speak in front of the board to try to get them to reconsider their decision. It felt good to stand up for someone who was being wronged. I was also on the news, but I didn’t see it. The meeting didn’t end until after the news, and I don’t have tv anymore.

CA High School Exit Exam Poster

CA High School Exit Exam Poster

I think it is interesting that our high school exit exam poster is in Spanish. It is supposed to encourage the students to do well. The test is on English and Math. I hope the fact that the sign is in Spanish isn’t an indicator of how well they will do on the tests (in English).